Monday, October 29, 2007


I haven’t been over blogging on the site for many months simply because I’ve been besieged by comments on YouTube. In addition, I’ve been working on the problem of Poisoned Babies. No, I don’t have any children but I do care about my country. If you allow the dental industry to poison the brains of the children of this country then we lose the country.

Brain damage is what mercury causes. Only about 1% of the mercury in a human is in the brain but 90% of the symptoms are neurological (brain) symptoms. The classic symptom of mercury poisoning is tremor or shaking. That is because the brain is damaged and not sending the correct signals to the limb.

The classic symptom of overdosing a child during tooth development with fluoride is mottled teeth. In my latest YouTube video Fluorosis you can see several examples of mottled teeth and how it can damage a child’s self-image as well.

Unfortunately mottled teeth also indicates mottled bones and mottled brain. Studies in other countries have found that children with mottled teeth score lower on IQ tests for example than normal children. They also develop skeletal fluorosis at an earlier age than the non-mottled children. Skeletal fluorosis is seldom diagnosed in this country but that does not necessarily mean that it is not occurring.

The most frequently reported symptom of early skeletal fluorosis called Stage I is lower back pain. Millions of people in the US have lower back pain for years. What they get for care are killer drugs like Celebrex or some other kind of kidney destroying anti-inflammatory pain medication. That is like cutting the wires to your car’s oil pressure light because it keeps coming on. Don’t cut the wires . . . add oil.

Michael P. Whyte MD at the Division of Bone and Mineral Diseases, Washington University School of Medicine at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri reported the following case:

A 52-year-old white woman consulted in 1998 for dense lumbar vertebras discovered after twisting her back. Spinal discomfort and stiffness for 5 years reflected “disc disease.” She had never had a fracture. Chest radiographs after exposure to chlorine while manufacturing soap and bleach were unremarkable 16 years previously. She recounted no other chemical or heavy metal exposure. Review of family history revealed no skeletal problems. Only intake of unfiltered well water suggested fluorosis.

Radiographs from 1993 and 1998 documented the appearance of marked osteosclerosis and cortical thickening throughout the entire spine (especially the lumbar region) and pelvis during this 5-year period. The ribs were similarly affected. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry documented markedly elevated bone mineral density in the lumbar spine but normal density in the hip.

Diagnosis: Skeletal fluorosis from drinking natural fluoride from well water and substantial amounts of Lipton Instant ice Tea.

This single case report does not make an epidemic but the epidemic has begun. Heller, Eklund, Burt, all strong fluoridation advocates reluctantly reported in 1997 on the study done in 1987 that 30% of the children in fluoridated communities now have dental fluorosis.

Why reluctantly you ask? Because the study was done in 1987 and although the court under the Freedom of Information Act ordered the National Institute of Dental Research to give up their tooth decay and dental fluorosis data from this study to Dr. John Yiamouyiannis they steadfastly refused. He eventually was able to obtain the decay data which clearly showed that fluoridation was of NO benefit but the NIDR claimed in court that they had “lost” the fluorosis data. (obstruction of justice, perjury come to mind)

Well, apparently they found it and gave it to their go-to spinners to figure out how to make an awful picture look rosy. So the spinners went to work on the data and after 10 years had managed to get the number of damaged children down to that 30% figure I just mentioned. What they did is in my opinion unconscionable. They threw out all the data on children with just one tooth permanently scared by an overdose of fluoride during development. They don’t count.

Next they decided to use the second most damaged tooth as the classification of the child’s injury and us a spinner terminology that calls damage to the entire tooth only ‘moderate’. To get to severe dental fluorosis you had to have at least two teeth missing part of the enamel.

So for example if one tooth were entirely scared from tip to gum and the second most damaged tooth was 49.9% mottled the classification became Mild! Think about it. If I took a blowtorch and removed all the paint from one fender of your car and 49.9% of the second fender and told you that your car has a mild spot would you think I was trying to minimize the harm I had caused?

We now know why so many children in fluoridated communities have dental fluorosis. It is the fluoridation of drinking water that is causing it. If the child was breast fed and didn’t brush their teeth with a fluoridated tooth paste dental fluorosis was rare. If on the other hand the majority of children fed on a baby bottle had dental fluorosis. Dr. Kathleen Thiessen explains before the Metropolitan Water District in LA exactly why this occurs on my YouTube video Poisoned Babies.

Breast milk contains virtually no fluoride while tap water has a big load. Some infants on the bottle get 100 times more fluoride than the amount found in breast milk and 4 times the amount the EPA says causes harm (RfD 0.06 mg/kg).1 it is no wonder that so many children have to bleach their teeth today just to look normal. Fluoridation of water has been great for the dentists business and as the latest report shows tooth decay is increasing at the same rate as increased water fluoridation. I am convinced that fluoridation does nothing but harm our children, our nation and our future. Won’t anybody stand up and protect the children?

What children are fed on a bottle? Poor people’s children are harmed of course. Mom has to work. That makes water fluoridation cause disproportionate harm and this disproportionate harm has been shown in studies since the 1950’s. Go watch the videos and I’ll tell you more soon.

1. EPA (IRIS—the RfD)
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