Friday, July 3, 2009

KJ's Story 15 year-old poisoned by mercury fillings

People's lives are being destroyed by ignorant dentists who implant mercury without any regard to individual susceptibility to the toxic effects of mercury. Two different genetic subsets have already been identified that makes a person extremely susceptible: CPOX+ and APOe 4/4. It is long past time to stop poisoning the children with injections of vaccine mercury and implanting time-release mercury fillings.


T. M. said...

Dr. K, Thanks for posting my son's story. There is so much to tell in so little time. Please, if anyone knows of anything I can do to get the FDA's attention before they classify, please let me know. Please sign the below petition. Tell everyone about this issue. Thanks everyone. Taajah...KJ's mom. 760-670-9401


David Kennedy, DDS said...

Thank you Taajah for being the kind of mom who doesn't give up even when faced with a wall of white coats telling you your son was hopeless.

Semper Fi

endodonticsspecialist said...

Hey thats wrong. The dentist should be sued for this. Endodontic specialist should be professional.

DrDK said...

Sued for what. Poisoning children with mercury is the standard of care. I suppose negligent misrepresentation for calling a mercury filling a silver one.

drjimbowden said...

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David Kennedy, DDS said...

What is you idea regarding an implant?

KJ is awaiting a kidney transplant. He doesn't need an implant.

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