Monday, November 23, 2009

Safer Amalgam Removal

Clear simple instructions on how to have mercury/silver tooth filling implants removed.


Steven said...

I have began a blog/podcast on my website after several posts I received a comment that all IAOMT members should read about her health recovery from mercury toxicity...if you have any doubts about how we change lives this is a must read...dr.steve lind

VF84Tomcat said...

I just viewed your video on "Safer Amlagam Removal" and have to say, "Well done!"

It was hilarious. It reminded me of gag films we used to do in dental school for posterity where we'd take ridiculous situations and act them out as seriously as we could. Tremendous fun! Even your narration sounded serious. And having the patient hold the huge suction hose was priceless!

Thanks for the entertainment. It would distress me mightily to think that there might be dentists out there would actually buy this bunk and hoodwink their patients with this quackery.

Anonymous said...

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honey said...

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Jerry said...

You guys are funny bunnys. If you are fearfull of amalgam that has been in a patient's mouth for years you better really watch out for seafood.

Ken Weiss said...

When my 11 yr old daughter recently had a filling put in, they would not put a mercury based filling unless I signed a document noting the warning mercury poses and paid a has mat disposal fee. I settled on the composite filling. The dentist wants to replace my metal fillings with composite as well, due to mercury poisoning risk.