Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poisoned Babies

Why is it most people seem to not care if they poison the children?

This is no longer being debated. It is a fact. The dose of fluoride an infant receives from drinking a baby bottle made up with fluoridated tap water is many times the EPA's old minimum risk level and hundreds of times the amount a breast fed infant would receive. Why is that OK? While it is visibly damaging the children's teeth research indicates it is damaging their brains and bones too.


Revolution206 said...

Please tell me they stopped fluoridating water by now at least? This makes me very sad that people aren't paying no attention to this.

nohere1 said...

First off, kudos to your organization for informing the public about mercury in standard fillings.

I have been looking to get mine out and my IAOMT dentist is recommending a composite called Grandio, which is apparently recommended by the IOAMT. Further, it seems that nearly all dentists who have biological or "holistic" practices are recommending to replace mercury amalgams with compounds containing BPA, BPS, BisGMA, fluoride and formaldehyde.

There has been a recent study showing children having behavior impairment from BisGMA ( as well as a growing body of evidence supporting a wide range of symptoms from BPA consumption.

Why is your organization recommending people remove their mercury fillings and replace them with newer, more exotic toxic materials which have not been studied as extensively as mercury? I'm no fan of mercury but I don't see the point in having an expensive and potentially dangerous procedure that is replacing one "bad" thing with another one. What ever happened to do no harm?

John Milton said...

“Congratulations DrDK! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.”

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