Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fluoridation Advocate Admits Poisoning Babies



Chris Porro Email List said...

how would a person find a good filter for their tap water?

we have 2ppm fluoride here in San Francisco. there is also some lead and other things i don't like. i've seen filters online but i'm skeptical of some of the sites that sell them.


PDM said...

1. Babies don't have teeth
2. The teeth they start getting between 4-7 months are going to fall out and be left as presents for the tooth fairy
3. Where is the necessary informed consent for exposing these children to a drug which by definition will be of no possible benefit?

DrDK said...

It is not easy to "filter" out fluoride. You can distill the water to remove the fluoride but that does not prevent skin absorption during a shower or a cup of coffee or soup at a restaurant.

This is a crime against the people that we must work together to stop. Even if you avoid fluoride (I strongly recommend that you do) the rest of society who may not be as aware or fortunate enough to afford a system to remove it will be poisoned. I don't think that is right.

DrDK said...

PDM is correct. The addition of silicofluoride to the public drinking water violates almost every tenant of medicine including, "First do no harm."

Luis D said...

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